Athena Investments- This is a site I created for a college student looking to put up a site that might eventually be the website for his own business. The site is still under construction while I wait for more information to update but it is still a good example of what I can do with Flash and HTML combined.
Kilandaia- This is part of my own personal site. The subdomain was set up for one of my hobbies. I include it here because it is a good example of my design skills.
Tripaldi- Another site I designed as part of my hobbies. This site features a pop-up window to control window size and page layout more easily.
TripaldiSCZ- This is the third of the sites developed for my hobbies. The layout for this site was put together in Photoshop and then customized using HTML and CSS coding.
Terkania- Terkania is a world I developed as part of a novel I attempted to write. This site was developed entirely in Macromedia Flash in order to give people a way of exploring the different aspects of the world my novel was based on.